Reviews from Feefo

Feefo is an independent online feedback system that gives customers an independent space to review their experience (good or bad) with an online shop such as Tinyme. Anyone can view the anonymous feedback of previous customers. It also uses this feedback to display the up-to-the-minute star rating status of an online shop.
Tinyme customers who placed an order will receive one email from Feefo 2 weeks after sending the order dispatch or pick up notification. This email will prompt Tinyme customers to review both Tinyme service and the ordered items. All customer appraisals lodged through Feefo are returned to us. Those that we deem informative and reflective of our customers' experiences are posted on our website. Controversial comments and those of a highly subjective nature are not published on our website. For example, a comment written in anger about a brand new item that has a fault will not be published if we had immediately moved to fix the problem. Tinyme proudly stands by its strong customer service record and is always looking for ways to improve.

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